Esoteric Integral YOGA

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Starting October 2022

With Yoga you can experience:

  • Better health. Flexibility and body awareness help to eliminate diseases

  • Less stress. Yoga techniques help the body to release stress

  • Yoga gives you a calm mind with less worries and negative thoughts

  • You gives more happiness and joy in your life, your basic state becomes happier and happier

  • You will experience increased willpower that will allow you to complete all your actions

  • Increased self-knowledge that comes from the fact that the mind and body work in harmony

  • Love and surplus to your fellow human beings

  • An ability to “listen” to the universe and be part of the universe’s cohesion

  • Improved mental abilities, such as better memory and better ability to focus

  • A spiritual awakening; an understanding of who you are and where you come from

  • A foundation that you can use to build your own development around

  • And much much more

The purpose of the course is to guide you in a process of profound self-knowledge and in this way allow you to fully live your life and discover the mysterious spiritual reality that exists in and around us.

What does the course do differently?

The high efficiency of the course is due to:

  • It is based on the traditional Hatha Yoga wisdom, and has retained the esoteric elements that are almost forgotten today. Today’s definition of Yoga is often associated with only the physical stretch exercises. Traditional yoga, however, is something completely different, and goes much deeper than the physical body.
  • The chakra system is fully integrated into yoga classes. This gives the system a great power and efficiency because it is based on one of the deepest understandings that exist around the building of the human energy.

  • The laws of the mind are examined in depth so that you get an understanding of how your mind affects you and your environment. This makes you a master in your own house and removes the feeling of powerlessness that so often bothers us in our modern society.

  • Also elements from, among others, Christian mystics, Tibetan yoga and Taoism are part of this system.

  • Modern research on body and mind sheds light on the truths found in the ancient texts.

Intensive Yoga is an enriching course that aims to awaken the fundamental truths in human nature.

How is a Yoga class?

Each class consists of both practice and theory. The course lasts for 2 hours once a week, where about 90 min is practice and 30 min is theory. For example, the theory can explain in detail a new yoga position, or contain other relevant information. Each week, written material is provided with details of the techniques and other additional information, including illustrative texts from spiritual masters.

The course progresses gradually and consists of the following elements:

  • Hatha Yoga positions or also called Asanas (makes the body smooth and collects prana in the chakras)
  • Breathing techniques (cleans the energetic channels in the body)

  • Meditation (quiets the mind, strengthening your focus, giving mindfulness)

  • Cleansing techniques (cleans the body and removes the source of diseases)

  • Exercises for mental training (focus, memory, spherical awareness, ability to be at the moment)

  • Information about diet (better digestion, disease prevention, improve energy circulation in the body)
  • Initiations in more advanced forms of yoga, like Mahavidya Yoga, Svara Yoga, and certain directions in Tibetan yoga.

And much, much more …

More information

Come in soft, comfortable clothes, and on an empty stomach, as we often do yoga exercises that require for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We have yoga mats and blankets.
For more questions please contact us at 477 40 224. 

Wednesdays 17.30 – 19.30

Zen House

Nico Popes (English)

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