The term “centering” means here to focus the attention on your own being and to experience the present moment (meaning not to digress or project the mind in the reminiscences of past events or in the imagining of future events). This “centring” or balancing of our own being also means to deeply harmonize all our energies (mental, spiritual or physical) as well as to calm down, as deeply as possible, the usual psycho-mental agitation (parasite thoughts, auxiliary emotions, etc.). In this state of inner centring our attention will focus with greater ease on any subject of meditation since we are simultaneously present, lucid, relaxed and receptive to high energies.

For this very simple procedure it is preferable to sit on a chair, with our spine perfectly straight and with both soles fully on the ground, with the palms on the thighs and eyes closed.

First we will run our awareness through the entire body, from bottom to top, very slowly, from the soles of the feet to the top of the head.  At the same time, we relax as deeply as possible the muscle segments on which we focus our attention; we breathe naturally and without any interference. 
After we finished this relaxing “exploration” of our entire physical body, we will then direct our attention to the breathing process which goes on normally and naturally. At the same time we visualize around us a sphere of bright white light. When we inhale, we notice how this bright white light flows more and more into our being, until it fills it completely. When we exhale, we are aware of the elimination of all the states of tension, stress, anxiety, etc. (in other words any evil influences or energies or any perverse aspects) from our being. We continue to breathe consciously in this way until we feel a state of deep relaxation, sustained by peace, serenity and inner joy. If we observe that the mind has a tendency to get distracted again, we gently but firmly bring the attention back to the respiratory process described above.

Further on (after the previous stage has been successfully completed) we will visualize small subtle energy channels (NADI) coming out through the soles of the feet and through the bottom of the spine, extending more and more until they get to be like some sui generis roots that link us to the beneficial subtle energies of the Earth. We continue this process of creative visualization combined with aware breathing until we feel how these subtle bio energetic “roots” connect us to the centre of the Earth, this resulting in a deep sense of safety and tranquillity.
Now (after we successfully completed this stage described above) we will become aware of the fact that we can “breathe” through these subtle “roots”; we will absorb thus the beneficial telluric subtle energies, captured from the subtle centre of the Earth. We will perceive them ascending further, as if sucked by a suction pump, continuing until we feel “full” with this vital energy.
Next, we will focus our attention on the top of the head (above the head), an area which is in close connection with the subtle secret opening towards God – BRAHMARANDRA. We will visualize now how from this area subtle energy channels (NADI) appear and extend higher and higher, until eventually they extend up into the sky, thus putting us in connection with the Sun, the planets, stars and galaxies. At the same time, during inhalation we absorb in our being, through these subtle energy channels (NADI), the subtle cosmic energy, which comes into our being through the top of the head until we feel it has filled our entire being.
Next, during inhalation we will visualize that we simultaneously breathe in these two subtle beneficial energy currents, both the telluric and the cosmic, both ineffably fusing at the level of the heart (ANAHATA CHAKRA), where they will radiate forth within our entire being.
After this stage, we will resume the awareness of the body and we will gently open our eyes. We become aware of a state of deep and integrating harmony and of the perfect balance throughout our entire being.
By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru