By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

When we want to reawaken within ourselves the latent spiritual powers that have been dormant along many years of stagnation, we must make efforts. We will not trigger any beneficial force and we will not transform any aspect of our being if we remain passive. Inertia leads to nowhere and it does not open any door. We can defeat it only by will power.

We must focus our mind forces, we must meditate, practice adequate yoga techniques and remember that this path of evolution gives us the best methods to conquer the inertia of the mind and heart, which are often blocked by tensions, obscurity and coldness.
We must always have the aspiration to add something beneficial to our existence, something brighter, something warmer, and something more full of love. Before doing any action, we will take a moment of introspection, so that we can bring in our soul profound peace, divine harmony, overwhelming love, and then we will consecrate to God the fruits of our actions.

The beginning is always essential. This represents the moment in which beneficial forces are triggered and oriented. To act as correctly as possible, we must always start by asking into our being the light of God. We all know that when the night comes, we do not rush into the darkness to take an object or to start an action. First, we light a torch and then we act.

It is the same with any life activity: first, we must light and even enhance within ourselves the light of God. Otherwise we will stumble in the darkness and we will knock at many gates, but we will not be able to do almost anything spiritual. If we are alert, we will open a good way for us; if, on the contrary, we are not lucid, we will block the way with all kind of useless, even destructive thoughts and gestures that bring us constant sufferance. Yoga adepts must become aware that the way they start an action is very important, especially if they have the aspiration that the respective action will be fruitful and full of God’s savor.

The one that acts daily in a positive and divinely integrated way will be able to radiate this divine savor with great power. That one must know that it is important to develop a profoundly beneficial thinking, around which all the other thoughts can gravitate. If we have a precise goal for each day, a certain completely beneficial orientation, a sublime purpose to attain, then all our activities will slowly become ordered, they will crystallize, they will become organized and thus they will contribute to fulfilling the spiritual ideal we aim for in this life time.

Live every day in an admirable way

Even if some strange, even negative thoughts and feelings might try to enter our aura, they will be easily eliminated by the divine light existing within us. Thus, all the energies of our being will be engaged in following the right direction we have chosen. Due to this fundamental thought we place as a seed in our mind and heart at the beginning of each day, we will be able to register each year in God’s great book of life. In the manifestation, everything is stored in the Akashic records. If we live at least one wonderful day, a day that can probably mean just one second of the eternal life, not only will that day be stored in the “cosmic files”, not only will it never die, but that day will trigger future days, which will be more and more similar to it. Therefore, let us aim to live in an admirable way each day, because that day will influence in an extremely beneficial way the ones that will follow it and it will make them full of happiness, order, balance and harmony.

Let us learn to act in an as much expanded way as possible, so that our bright actions will be useful for everybody. For this, it is enough to transform our way of thinking, to have the consciousness that each one of us lives in this universe, each and all of us are intimately and deeply connected to this universe, in each moment.

You are macrocosmic, act macrocosmic

Here is a very simple exercise: we are in between the four walls of our rooms, physically isolated as well as possible, away from the entire world. Nevertheless, we can make the habit that once a week we go out of the room with the help of our thought, in order to expand into a more and more vast space: our house, the city we live in; then, we imagine that the respective city is part of a region, and this region is part of a country; the country is part of a continent, the continent is on Earth, and Earth is part of the planet family in the solar system.

This spiritual exercise helps us to become aware of the fact that we are integrated in the universe. Now we can see that at its turn, the solar system is part of a galaxy, and the galaxy is a tiny part of the Macrocosm. In this way we will become aware, with surprise, that even if we are alone in our room, we are also expanded into the Macrocosm. And if now we are macrocosmic beings, why would we impose any limits on ourselves, why would we not open our eyes and heart wide open and tell ourselves that we often have to do actions which are macrocosmic? This exercise gives us easy access to a state of expansion into the limitless. Why not use the fruits of such a state to the maximum?
It is very important to discover the unsuspected value of profound inner peace. In silence, we prepare the favorable circumstances for the manifestation of divine entities. They love silence very much and they always wait for those conditions that people, due to daily agitation, offer to them very rarely. The more evolved a human being is, the more that being needs more silence, more profound peace. In this apparent absence of life, such a person feels its authentic, mysterious taste; this is because real life, intense divine life, is a vivid, overwhelming silence. Silence prepares the conditions for the appearance and manifestation of divine entities. And when they are near, we feel above us the mysterious breath of eternity.

Open the gate for the angels to come in

Many divine, invisible entities continuously come down in order to help us. Knowing this, let us offer to them within ourselves, as often as possible, the favourable conditions for catching and keeping their attention. All these divine beings are always prepared to visit us and they always search for a place in our heart, in our mind, in order to act and bring us many spiritual joys. But lack of gratitude can chase them away.

Elevated entities like us to appreciate their support and generosity. They already know that people are imperfect, weak, childish, and they have the power to overlook their flaws; even more, exactly when we display most of the mistakes, they say: “Forgive them, Heavenly Father, for they do not know what they do and this is why we aim to help them!” But if they notice that people do not appreciate their presence and help, the divine entities leave them.

And this is not because they need their consideration and gratitude, but they know that lack of gratitude stops human beings from receiving the spiritual gifts they could receive.
In reality, whether one knows it or not, each human being is the receiver of Akashic cosmic archives. Absolutely all events are registered in the microcosm of our being in an etheric extremely subtle mysterious substance, where there is place for the entire Macrocosm. In this way, all the events in the entire universe, without exception, all the swirls of the worlds (even of the lost worlds), send us, in certain circumstances, mysterious glimpses that are registered in our subconscious. Often without notice, one receives in this way messages from the entire Macrocosm.

This is why, especially when one starts to act, to investigate through meditation, through mental focus or contemplation certain aspects that preoccupy them, one becomes like the one that searches and asks to study certain documents in a library. One must wait for a while before receiving the answer, because this library is so vast and so rich that in some situations the librarians cannot find the requested document right away; but, at the opportune moment, when the answer comes, one will say: “I’m having a revelation!”, or “I have a great idea!”, or “Now it is clear!”. In fact, this is when one receives the exact information one had requested, and all these phenomena take place through the manifestation of the occult law of resonance.

All relationships between the beings in the Macrocosm follow this mysterious law of occult resonance. For instance, when we dial a number, the owner of that number will pick up; in the same way, a certain entity will mysteriously communicate with us when we send out specific thoughts that vibrate in unison with that entity. In this way, there is a connection between us and the entity, being or place upon which our mind was strongly focused in a systematic way. But all those who constantly have chaotic and contradictory thoughts are condemned to unhappy meetings, because they connect to entities corresponding exactly to the thoughts they emit.

This is why it is very important to constantly have a divine idea, because it will attract in a magic way – but in a beneficial magic way – all the entities, beings and elements that will contribute to its accomplishment. A divine idea, a sublime idea is like an inscription placed at the main entrance, announcing the dark, bad spirits: “No entrance here”. This is how inferior entities never have the possibility to enter our life, while the divine idea is exactly like an open gate for all bright spirits and for all the angels which will come to us to help and inspire us.

Focusing upon the bright white light is a very efficient and powerful spiritual exercise. But we must remember that all life conditions act upon us according to the attention we give to them. Therefore, if we believe that certain circumstances are very useful, beneficially magic, we will amplify their influence. Through our thinking and beliefs, we always have a decisive influence, even more important then the trials we face or the rather difficult situations. Then, the bright white light impregnates us, even without us being conscious about it, but if we are very careful and full of aspiration, we can participate in this activity with the firm conviction that something fundamental, divinely essential is ceaselessly growing and becoming enriched within us. We will gradually feel new divine forces vibrating within us.

Become detached in order to be reborn

According to the way we start an activity, a relationship or even an adventure, we generally can foresee its ending: if the beginning is bad, the ending might be equally bad. In life, there are certain events that unfold with an implacable rigour, events we can predict with precision, like the astronomers do with eclipses, conjunctions or planet oppositions, because everything unfolds according to absolute cosmic laws. But, it is possible that, by making efforts, people who had a bad start can transform the course of the events so that the final moment will not be like the beginning. Where the mysterious power of the spirit manifests, one can anytime interfere in order to change certain aspects; this is how it becomes possible to suppress, to add, to sublimate something. Then, life is no longer so mechanical, because it becomes conscious and profoundly spiritual, because the divine spirit puts its mark on it. It is especially in these situations that the spirit purifies, becomes perfect, harmonizes, and manifests in all its power. Sometimes, in the material sphere events unfold mercilessly for us; but in the divine sphere nothing is forever, the spirit can anytime interfere in order to make miracles.

In the Gospels it is said: “You cannot live truly unless you die.” Of course, some of you might say that you do not really feel like dying; but this shows you did not understand. To die in order to live means to die in the inferior world, in the world of disorder, of evil and of malefic shadows, of demons, in order to be born in the superior world, the one of harmony, divine love and that of God’s light.

We cannot live at the same time in the mud and in the sky, despite the stupid idea some people have, which live a completely unbalanced life, imagining that the Divine will actually come to them. The sky is closed to such beings. When we collapse in inferior states of pride, jealousy, meanness, gossip, we no longer have access to the paradisiacal realms; they are blocked for us. Offering your life to God completely means something else. And the one working almost constantly for beautifying, enriching, elevating and harmonizing ones’ inner being will feel very good here and now and will be able to receive many divine guests in his soul. It is essential to realize that the divine bright spirits are, each of them, very happy to visit such a place. Take a look at the gatherings that take place in our daily life. If, for instance, we receive our guests very well, in a very inviting place, offering them rich meals, walks to charming places, exquisite music, extraordinary states of happiness, how can they not wish to come and visit again? It is the same with the light spirits and even with angels. If they will find in our being, in our inner microcosm, a pure and sacred chamber, where beauty, harmony, love and the sublime reign, they will gladly come back again and, why not, they might even settle in forever in our being and we will be able to be constantly blessed with their presence.

Come out of the underground to see the Sun

It is time to discover the true meaning of the force of a spiritual community. Most of us do not know it yet and do not perceive intuitively what this force is able to achieve at the planetary level. Here is an analogical image. There are places in the world where engineers build very powerful wind engines that produce electricity, used for supplying large areas. In the moment a very powerful spiritual community acts in unison, it triggers gigantic resonance phenomena; it is like a battery, like a wind engine network that produces electricity and can generate a huge energy in order to project spiritual light very far away in the space and to generate corresponding effects at the level of the entire planet.

This is why it is important to understand that human beings are like batteries and most often it is enough to just unite them and put them in contact with a divine unique idea, and the profoundly beneficial streams they then project will be received my many other beings in the entire world. Some of us meditate without being aware that these spiritual activities offer huge possibilities for the good of the entire humankind. It is time to become very conscious and to make such actions as often as possible so that, in this way, the light in God’s Kingdom is received by as many beings on Earth as possible.

In reality, the body is the robe of the soul and the word is the robe of thought; feelings, thoughts, subtle forces that manifest in and through us, they each have certain robes. All creatures, all entities have robes and according to these robes we can recognize the being hiding in or behind them. A stone, an animal, a plant, a tree are different robes behind which certain entities hide. It is essential to meditate upon flowers, upon forms and the color they take, in order to thus know the mysterious nature of the beings wearing such robes. We must wonder why people have blue, green or black eyes. In fact, these colors are robes that express a quality or a virtue which we do not notice when we are ignorant. This mystery of the robes is so deep and vast that we can successfully study it during the entire life time.

Those of us who continue to complain that God does not answer our prayers must become aware that it is normal that we do not receive an answer, because for us the respective prayers are a request we address to Him, waiting for Him to come and find us in the place where we are. But we do not transform anything in our wrong behavior or in the wrong way we think.

We imagine that God will come and will take us out of the inferno in which we sank by our selves. It is the same as when, after having gone down in a deep basement or in a cave, we beg for the sun to come and bring us the light. The sun cannot come to us. It is our duty to come out of the underground and receive his beneficial light.

The basement or the cave signify all the inner bad manifestations of our mind and heart, all the bad habits we do not want to give up. But if we want the light, we are the ones that must walk towards God, aspiring frantically to improve our dominant frequency of vibration. And if we are determined to head towards Him, we will become convinced of the truth of a wise proverb:

“When you make one step towards God, God makes nine steps towards you.”

Let us offer our life to God saying:

“Dear God,
I now offer to Thee my life.
For me, you are everything.
Knowing this, I implore you:
Guide me, enlighten me, and give me strength,
Manifest Thy love through me,
Make Thy will become my will”.